Peace of mind in food consumption.

Client: Analytica Alimentaria
Strategy, UI/UX, Visual & Development

Analytica Alimentaria is a multinational company with main offices in Spain and Germany that is responsible for ensuring that food enters the market safely.

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Ensuring food
safety and health.

Analytica Alimentaria is a multinational company with main offices in Spain and Germany dedicated to ensuring food safety in the market. The company focuses on identifying critical points in the food chain and mitigating risks through inspections, sampling, and chemical analysis, which allows them to make agile and efficient decisions before the food reaches the market. Their processes are aimed at safeguarding food consumption and ensuring the highest levels of food safety.


their values &

Designing a groundbreaking and unconventional web experience that reflects the innovation and differential focus of Analytica Alimentaria in the food safety industry. The strategy should focus on highlighting the importance of people and the company’s fundamental values as pillars of success.


A design that breaks
with established conventions.

We focused on designing a unique and unconventional experience that clearly differentiated Analytica Alimentaria from its competitors. To achieve this, we incorporated interactive elements and attractive animations that captured the user’s attention and reinforced the company’s innovation. To further emphasize our goal of moving away from conventions, we developed custom illustrations to represent the company’s fundamental values.

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