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Client: Fazeta Productions
Strategy, UI/UX, Visual & Web Development

Fazeta is a production agency that integrates technology, creativity, and experience to tailor to the needs of the project and the client.

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Bespoke event

Fazeta is a production agency that combines technology, creativity, and experience to adapt to the needs of each project and client. They work on projects ranging from large-scale events to corporate videos, press conferences, stands, and roadshows. They offer services such as stage design, technical production, venue booking, equipment and talent hiring, designing personalized events.

Our task was to develop a unique and differentiated portfolio project, focused on their projects.


their portfolio in
a unique way.

Our idea from the very beginning was to create an interactive and transgressive experience that reflected Fazeta’s innovative and technological approach in event production, due to their brand tone and the services they offered. The website had to highlight their projects in a categorized manner, immersing the user in conceptually recreated scenarios that they physically designed. We needed to create a breakthrough design that would catch the user’s attention and offer an experimental user experience that went beyond a simple webpage, turning it into a unique and differential showcase of their portfolio of projects.


A transgressive
and retro-futuristic
visual proposal.

We proposed a transgressive visual and UX style that reflected the company’s creative, innovative, and technological approach. An interactive and immersive user experience, submerging visitors in conceptually recreated scenarios that represented the diversity of their projects. A design that combines retro-futuristic elements with a visually impactful approach, in which we used their interactive 3D logo as a starting point. A unique and differential design to showcase a spectacular portfolio of projects, going beyond and offering a striking experimental experience.

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