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Client: Pc Cement
Strategy, UI/UX, Visual & Development

With a high-quality product, PC Cement has managed to expand its brand internationally and is currently positioned as a reference in the luxury pool construction and decorative flooring sector.

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Luxury pools with
a Mediterranean

PC Cement is a leading company in the construction of luxury swimming pools and decorative flooring, renowned for its innovative patented cement and Mediterranean roots. With a focus on quality, it has successfully expanded its brand internationally, becoming a reference in the industry. Its distinctive product features unique characteristics such as the ability to change the color of the water depending on the light and depth, attracting new distributors and contributing to its growth in national and international markets.


Positioning the brand &
its international expansion.

We propose designing an attractive website that reinforces the positioning of PC Cement as a leader in the construction of high-end swimming pools and decorative pavements, highlighting their innovative patented cement and Mediterranean roots. The website should facilitate the international expansion of the brand and attract new distributors while presenting the unique features of the product, such as its ability to change the color of the water depending on the light and depth.


A bath of
creativity, design,
and technology.

A stunning and exclusive visual design that conveys the quality of the product, incorporating design elements and color palette that reflect the Mediterranean roots of the company, evoking the essence of Ibiza and its natural environment.

A design with minimalist touches and animation effects with clear nods to the brand, where we used technology to build an interactive simulator to recreate the impact of the product on water.

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