Healthy and
sustainable food
for the population.

Client: Sea Eight
UI/UX, Visual Design & Development

Sea Eight is a company specialized in aquaculture, which they call the eighth sea of the world. Their purpose is to help perfect it and make it sustainable.

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World leader in
sustainable processes
for breeding sole fish.

SEA EIGHT is dedicated to sustainable breeding of Solea sole fish on land using the innovative RAS technology, developed in Spain. Their goal is to ensure access to this healthy and delicious protein for future generations. The company invests in research and development, producing high-quality sole fish without impact on the marine environment, through efficient and environmentally friendly processes that respect both the environment and people.

Our objective was to highlight their position as a world leader in sustainable processes for breeding sole fish, enhancing their product and process.


Raising brand
visibility and
consolidating it.

The strategy would focus on highlighting their innovative processes, high-quality products, and commitment to sustainability, as well as emphasizing their belonging to a pioneering group in the industry. The design had to be neat and clean, clearly separating corporate concepts from the product, opting for something visually elegant and subtly interactive. Our mission was to represent the company’s values, creating a user experience that reflected SEA EIGHT’s excellence and environmental responsibility in every aspect.


simplicity, and

The proposed visual and UX style combines a clean and elegant design with a rhythmic block structure, allowing the company’s story to be told in an attractive and intuitive way. Product photographs are interspersed with conceptual images that reflect technology and innovation, while background videos accentuate the dynamism and nature of the company. The user experience focuses on conveying SEA EIGHT’s excellence and environmental responsibility, using well-organized spaces and subtle interactive elements to guide visitors through their products and history.

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