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Client: The Cube
Visual Design & Development

The Cube is an ecosystem designed to drive innovation and creativity for large corporations.

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The Cube is a technological innovation hub that aims to help corporations face challenges through radical innovation, and to be the meeting point for the entrepreneurial ecosystem, promoting collaboration between large corporations and the startup world, providing them with the necessary tools, methodologies and technology to continue innovating.

The challenge was to channel and shape their entire ecosystem through a dynamic website using graphic concepts that evoke their world.


Drive innovation
through innovation.

The strategy focused on providing an interactive web experience that allowed users to explore and discover how The Cube drives innovation in large corporations. To do so, we wanted to use animations, graphics, and 3D visual elements with a lot of movement, which would help us create a visual narrative about the company’s history, emphasizing its practical focus on delivering results and showcasing the synergies between corporates, startups, and the company builder, highlighting the methodologies and technologies used in the process.


A special…
and spatial

We found a way to translate all this into a dynamic and innovative design, emphasizing the user experience (in every sense of the word). We used 3D elements and animations to create an interactive environment that invites users to explore The Cube’s universe, taking its meaning to the max with the use of space-themed graphics and elements. Typography posed a significant challenge for us due to the amount of written content, so we aimed to reduce the cognitive load this entailed by using clear typographic hierarchy to identify key phrases, and relied on animation to establish clear and concise focal points.

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