A giant wave
of solidarity.

Client: Cooperación Internacional
Strategy, UI/UX, Visual & Development

An international cooperation NGO initiative that aimed to attract young people from the Canary Islands to become volunteers, not only to alleviate the consequences of COVID-19 in the most humble environments, but also to keep the wave of solidarity going afterwards.

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Our contribution
against COVID-19.

Cooperación Internacional es una ONG con 25 años de experiencia y 5.500 jóvenes voluntarios, trabaja por la infancia y la juventud, impulsando el desarrollo social y la dignidad de las personas. Galardonada con el Premio Nacional de Juventud, promueve la participación activa, la sensibilización, la solidaridad y la cooperación entre Europa y los pueblos menos favorecidos. Su misión es transformar intenciones en acciones y empoderar a la juventud para generar soluciones a problemas sociales.

Ayudamos a CIONG a desarrollar una iniciativa en las Islas Canarias para atraer a jóvenes voluntarios tras los efectos del COVID-19.


Reaching the
user’s heart.

It was a moment when we all needed to contribute, so we faced this challenge entirely altruistically. When CIONG contacted us, we didn’t hesitate. We proposed to develop an interactive website that would focus on attracting young volunteers through an emotional and immersive experience. Designing a narrative journey that would connect with the user’s heart, presenting real and moving data and stories. The website had to be clear, direct, and intuitive, telling stories through scrolling to emphasize the discourse and allow visitors to internalize the problem, understand it, and join the wave of solidarity and awareness.


A real story
that touches the

We had deafening data and needed images that would accompany the harshness of the message and the narrative. For this, we created an experience with clear and dark parts that told different parts of the story, first the bad, then the good, but flowing slowly between them as if it were a mountain of emotions. We wanted to be concise and tell everything through horizontal scroll navigation, with slow and subtle animations and parallax effects to emotionally immerse the user in what we wanted to convey.

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