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Client: Mioti Academy
Strategy, UI/UX, Visual & Development

Mioti Academy develops talent training strategies to help its clients create their data and Artificial Intelligence strategies.

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100% practical,
0% posturing

MIOTI offers the knowledge and tools necessary to meet the technological needs of the market and achieve the professional success of its students, who learn by creating and experimenting with expert teachers from the best companies in Spain and world leaders from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), the most prestigious technology university in the world.

We helped MIOTI with the restyling of its website, making it much more flexible and scalable, applying new brand concepts to make it more attractive without losing its essence or objectives.


Improving the
user experience
at all levels

We analyzed the previous problems of their website, which stemmed mainly from the rigidity of the content and the excessive cognitive load on the user, and focused primarily on resolving them, with a user-centered redesign, improving program accessibility, and adding visual appeal to highlight academic excellence. We implemented subtle animations, avoiding technological clichés, and improving the user experience. We proposed a flexible, scalable, and modular design that adapts to MIOTI’s future needs while maintaining the essence of the brand.


A product design
with its own identity

A minimalist and clean design, with vivid colors and subtle details with corporate geometric shapes. We selected a modern and legible typography, and abstract and conceptual images to identify each program, moving away from technological clichés and incorporating perceptible and harmonious brand elements. The animations on these elements appear subtly and unobtrusively, and the transitions between pages add dynamism and improve the user experience when interacting with the content.

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