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Client: Pictoday
UI/UX, Visual Design

Pictoday is a free web platform for sharing and searching high-quality photos in real-time, allowing users to download and organize images into folders, and professional photographers to connect with potential clients.

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Pictoday is a website created to share and search for high-quality photos for free with real-time visual results. It allows users to organize and download their favorite images, and professional photographers to showcase their work in portfolio-style pages and be hired. In addition to being a resource for images, it connects photographers with potential clients worldwide.


Bringing an
idea to life.

To bring the business model to life, we focused on designing and developing an intuitive and attractive platform for both users and professional photographers. We emphasized aspects that add value, such as real-time search with changing background images and the ability to organize and save photos in directories. One of the main ideas is the creation of portfolio pages for professional photographers to connect with potential clients and foster job opportunities.


A picture is worth a
thousand words

The visual and UX style of Pictoday is based on a clean, functional and attractive design, offering an efficient and intuitive user experience. We prioritize the functionality of the search engine as the guiding thread of the design, always present and accessible. User directories and portfolios have a minimalist and organized appearance, with basic information and highlighting the work of photographers. In addition, filtering options for results by categories, styles, colors, and types were implemented, allowing users to quickly find the images they are looking for.

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