Luxury interior design and architecture

Client: Terraza Balear
Visual, UI/UX Design, Web Development

Terraza Balear provides interior design and architecture services inspired by the Mediterranean essence. Their luxury projects reflect environments that awaken the senses, combining beauty, emotion, and contemporary art.

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Based in Mallorca and with international projection, Terraza Balear offers interior architecture, interior design, kitchen design, art and styling, and wardrobe and bathroom design services. Their luxurious projects are based on emotion and are inspired by the environment, beauty, architecture, design, and contemporary art.

We helped Terraza Balear convey all these concepts through a unique website that evokes emotions and reflects everything the brand represents digitally.


Establish the
brand as a leader
in its sector.

We aimed to reflect the Mediterranean essence and luxury design approach of Terraza Balear by showcasing their portfolio of projects and services in an attractive and seamless way. In addition to attracting new clients, our mission was to establish the brand as a leader in the luxury interior design sector in Spain through a visual language that conveyed the quality of their projects. We needed to communicate the brand’s magnificent qualities and top-quality projects through an appealing and emotional discourse that reflected the excellence of their services.


A visual design
that reflects the

We found a way to reflect the Mediterranean essence and luxury through neutral and warm colors, such as earth tones, beige, or whites, that conveyed serenity and elegance. We used the exquisite photographs and videos to showcase the high quality of their projects, highlighting natural elements and unique architectural details.

We wanted to enhance the user experience even further by incorporating slow and fluid animations and interactions that felt natural.

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