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The Good Burger was founded in 2013 with the goal of being the alternative for lovers of great burgers. Its innovation in terms of products and services make it a burger joint with character.

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The TGB effect,
a lifestyle

TGB offers a unique dining experience by combining a trendy, industrial atmosphere with 100% beef burgers marinated in beer and served on exclusive bread. With over 160 locations worldwide, TGB provides an experience that blends street art, independent music, and fixie bikes, serving beer in glass mugs for discerning customers.

The challenge was to enhance the brand and product values in a relaxed and fun digital environment that resonates with its target audience.


Taking the tone of
their establishments
to the digital realm

TGB’s web strategy focused on conveying its unique essence, merging its trendy and industrial atmosphere with the quality of their burgers and brand elements. An attractive and dynamic website that reflects TGB’s style, incorporating street art, independent music, and fixie bikes. The user experience needed to be intuitive and enjoyable, offering a visual tour of their locations and products, a website that mirrors the TGB experience, attracting and retaining its target audience in the digital environment.


The good burger,
the good design

We opted for a dynamic and interactive user experience that empathized with its target audience and clearly differentiated it from the competition. To convey the concept, we proposed an art direction in which the product could be “touched,” allowing the user to focus on the burger or its ingredients using the cursor. In terms of UX, we enabled easy access to the different product categories, and with a fluid transition effect, users could access them quickly and experientially.

To achieve a more realistic effect, we developed a visual component using WebGL that simulated the smoke from the burgers and allowed users to interact with it.

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